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Triggered by Political News?

Have you been triggered by the news lately? When media footage is filled with bullying, shaming, sexual predation and menacing behavior by people supposed to be our leaders, many find themselves experiencing increased depression, anxiety, nightmares and other post-traumatic stress … Continue reading

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Are You Too Lonely?

Are you too lonely? While everyone feels lonely occasionally, ongoing social isolation is not only personally painful but also harmful to physical and mental health. Humans are communal animals. Being on your tribe‚Äôs periphery increases physiological stress and nervousness. Furthermore, … Continue reading

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The true cost of using medication as the default treatment for anxiety and depression

Years ago I had a client, Liz, who came to me with an anxiety disorder triggered by fear about moving in with a new love. Liz was considering medication but knew I often helped people manage such things without meds. … Continue reading

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Water Solves Anxiety & Confusion

As a therapist who specializes in managing anxiety and depression without medication, I love reading about simple, free, no side effects solutions to increase well being. Who knew a few glasses of water could help relieve anxiety and alertness! Scott … Continue reading

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