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New self-help book proclaims emotions are medicine

“Emotional Medicine Rx: Cry When You’re Sad, Stop When You’re Done, Feel Good Fast” by Penelope Young Andrade, LCSW, describes how brief experiences of emotion lead quickly to confidence, calm 

SAN DIEGO – After going through a terrible divorce, Penelope Young Andrade, LCSW, discovered the truth about emotional upset – when the body leads, emotions are over in minutes. She immediately knew she had to share this news with others and does so in her book, “Emotional Medicine Rx: Cry When You’re Sad, Stop When You’re Done, Feel Good Fast” (ISBN 0615517080). Andrade says the key to overcoming tough situations in life is by shifting attention from distressing thoughts to the body’s brief experience of sad, mad, scared emotions.  In three minutes or less the body will be done releasing emotion and ready to feel good.

As a licensed psychotherapist, Andrade knows the importance of experiencing and releasing emotions for vitality, health, happiness, inner peace as well as for fulfilling relationships. For more than 30 years she has helped countless individuals discover how to let their bodies lead them through emotional distress to well being – in minutes.  Andrade also includes guidelines in her book to heal anxiety and depression without medication.

“Emotional Medicine Rx” offers unique yet practical methods for turning feelings of anger, despair or hopelessness into positive emotions. Most books on emotion recommend changing the way one thinks to change the way one feels. Andrade’s advice is exactly opposite. She suggests changing the way one feels changes the way one thinks. This is done, she says, by changing focus from the stories about any upset to the emotions accompanying that upset as they cycle briefly through the body.

“Fortunately, everyone has the power of choice and awareness to help make the distinction between the simple movement of feelings and the complexity of stuck mental states,” Andrade says. “Surprisingly, learning to focus on the good feelings that automatically follow any brief emotional release opens the door not only to feeling happy, but often leads to a spiritual experience or connection with the divine.”

Kirkus Reviews says, “A sensually specific guide to rolling emotions to find the bright side of the road.”

“Emotional Medicine Rx: Cry When You’re Sad, Stop When You’re Done, Feel Good Fast” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

Penelope Young Andrade, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker and founder of the San Diego Center for Psychosynthesis. Her “Transformational Talk Radio” and advice column “Transformational Talk,” have reached thousands of listeners and readers in Southern California. Andrade is an adjunct professor at San Diego University for Integral studies and the Natural Healing Institute. She and her husband, Arturo developed and tested the VIVO Oral Focus method for body oriented self-soothing.


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