VIVO Oral Focus

Product LogoWhat Is VIVO?
VIVO is a method for helping people learn to relax, chill out, calm down, bliss out and de-stress without drugs, prescription or non prescription. This simple, easy to learn method enables anyone to move through distress to self soothing and experience contentment and peace in two to twenty minutes. Using an ingenious learning anchor, ORAL FOCUS developed by Arturo Andrade these experiences will be able to be recovered with increasing alacrity.

*The recording mentions using the Oral Focus anchor, however it can be used without that anchor by simply placing the tongue on the roof of the mouth.

The entire VIVO Oral Focus kit can be purchased for $30.00 (shipping included) and includes a timer, an oral anchor and a written booklet.

VIVO Oral Focus Research Summary
VIVO Executive Summary

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