BodyMind Counseling/AEDP

Bio-Psychosynthesis and AEDP Sessions with Penelope

*Office in Rancho Peñasquitos, CA

Clients are guided to both deepen and heighten an experience of self acceptance, self confidence and purposeful empowerment. Penelope’s counseling is a positive, attachment based, body oriented, emotion privileging, transformance seeking, mindfulness method which gives special attention to creating a brain changing and healing experience for clients.

Sessions begin with an intention to help you feel safe and open to the possibilities for transformation in the present moment through the use of:

Bubble Topic


*Attuned Relating

*Body Sensations


*Trauma Resolution

*Emotional Medicine


*Will Alignment

*Inner Child Healing

*Music and Movement




*Healing Internal and External Family Systems

Practical techniques are used to integrate transformation in all areas of daily life.

In Depth Telephone/Skype Counseling with Penelope

I have discovered I am able to track body sensations, relational energy and spiritual energy over the phone and through the video. Clients currently call from all over the United States and Europe. They are surprised that telephone sessions can be so effective for energetic healing.

Please call 858-481-5752 or email if you are interested in a session.

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* For more information about Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) please click here. *


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