Water Solves Anxiety & Confusion

As a therapist who specializes in managing anxiety and depression without medication, I love reading about simple, free, no side effects solutions to increase well being. Who knew a few glasses of water could help relieve anxiety and alertness! Scott Lafee’s Wellnews describes research completed in England which describes how being dehydrated by as little as 20 ounces of water can majorly mess with your mood. For women dehydration led to fatigue, tension and anxiety; for men it led to problems with alertness and memory. Next time you’re feeling jittery or mentally foggy check your fluid intake. While you’re at it check your overall nutrition for appropriate balance of protein, good fats, and carbs.

I can not tell you the number of times clients have come in for sessions in states of acute mental distress and upset. One of the things I ask very early on is, “What have you eaten today?” I am never surprised when I hear things like I haven’t eaten yet today or I’ve only some fruit, or just some toast. I’m not saying these clients were making up their problems. They were definitely facing real issues, but they didn’t realize that some of their sense of overwhelm was the result of the many negative mood changes that occur in your body and brain when you’re not fed and watered.

Your brain and your nervous system need to be nourished. If you don’t eat or drink what you need, your body scrambles to handle the alarms going off inside about not having enough resources to do its many jobs. This can all too easily translate into alarm about something wrong with you, your relationships, your life. You may end up thinking you’re becoming a mental case when all you need is regular good eating and water drinking (according to this study that’s very much like the 8 X 8 oz glasses you’ve been hearing about for years.) If you take care of your bodymind it will take care of you!

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