AAP’s BodyWise Symposium | June 2014

The setting for AAP’s BodyWise Symposium in Sonora last June couldn’t have been more beautiful. I was delighted to have this Keynote opportunity to share EMRx both at the site and through a world wide webcast. I was honored to share the stage with Dr. Dario Nardi’s lively presentation integrating EEG research and body types and Sue Ann Herron’s graceful filling in for Natalie Rogers’ presentation on person centered expressive arts.

aap symposiumOne highlight for me was meeting AAP Steering Committee member and author, Yon Walls, and doing a mini session with Yon portraying one of the characters in her captivating novel, Seeing Collette. Doing this session was a numinous experience for Yon and me as well as the attendees. AAP has promised to make all of our presentations available for purchase on line. Stay tuned. (That’s Yon to my left and another simpatico Symposium attendee Marylin Nelson on my right.)

Another highlight was meeting poet Joy Willow, whose book of poetry, Soma Song, is music to my ears and heart. You can find Yon’s and Joy’s books on Amazon along with Dr. Nardi’s, Dr. Rogers’ and mine.

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