Welcoming Negative Feedback

Do you welcome negative feedback? Most of us enjoy positive feedback but view negative feedback as bitter medicine to be taken only when absolutely necessary. In ‘polite’ society when someone doesn’t like what you’ve done they usually keep it to themselves. This typically leads to loneliness and inauthentic relationships of hearts walled off with undelivered communication. Negative feedback offers an opportunity for personal growth and increasing intimacy. The challenge is that welcoming negative feedback requires rising above ego needs to be ‘right’ and appear ‘perfect.’

Here’s the tip. First, see if you are ready to grow personally and spiritually. If yes, make sure you have solid access to inner and outer resources of compassion for your imperfect self. An inner mantra like “It’s human to make mistakes, I love myself warts and all” may help. Second, whenever you receive negative feedback, take a breath and remind yourself, “This is a gift and bid for intimacy from the deliverer.” Consider saying, “Thank you for having the courage to come to me with your feelings. I welcome your feedback.” When you respond in this way, notice how hearts (yours and theirs) open and connections deepen.

Finally, take an undefended look at what the feedback is signaling about inner wounds which may need healing. Seek support from loved ones or professionals if necessary. Welcoming negative feedback is a signal to the universe in general and your Big Self in particular that you are committed to a journey of personal evolution and love. Get ready for boundless rewards.

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