Penelope’s Picks | October 2014

One of my dearest, longtime friends, Dr. Shana Parker, has launched a 5 week webinar program for couples at her website. To explore this mastery course for couples or to sign up, click here.

1931172_1061086643198_1592_nFor Shana to take the time and energy and put her 30 plus years of experience into an accessible format for couples (or individuals) is an extraordinary gift to our human family…and a huge bargain! In an engaging manner, Shana teaches the seven essential skills every couple should know. These include listening skills, communicating from the heart, how to get your needs met, the best kept secret of psychotherapy: how to have a grown up relationship, as well as some pearls of wisdom regarding getting to “yes” sexually and taking your intimacy to the next level. As a bonus, Shana integrates the Psychosynthesis map to provide a foundation for Self awareness. This webinar can be live streamed whenever wanted or needed.

For over 40 years, Shana is a person I’ve been lucky to consider a friend and confidant. Her profound clarity has been a beacon for me during many dark times. I am so happy I’m now able to share her with you. If you or anyone you know needs support in deepening love in relationship… this course is a love saver.

Mark-cover-webSmMy longtime Psychosynthesis colleague, Mark Horowitz, is finally offering us his wisdom in book form!  His new book, The Dance of We: The mindful use of LOVE and POWER in human systems is a dynamic look at the way human systems converge for both good and bad. From micro systems like families to macro systems of corporations, communities and governments, Mark, tenderly and unstintingly dissects what works and doesn’t work at the interface of love and power. I particularly appreciated Mark’s authenticity in using his own early experience in the SGS cult to identify the ways in which good people can lose their moral compass when caught in dysfunctional systems. Mark’s ‘Four Principles’ guide us to solutions: Interconnectedness,   Honoring Life, Respect & Inherent Value, and the Double Golden Rule. To order see Mark’s website or Amazon.


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