Trouble Making Decisions?

For many the thought of choosing between myriad options is disconcerting at best and immobilizing at worst. You tackle a spreadsheet of pros and cons and no choice seems better than any another. The problem is there is no satisfying guidance in the eternal debating squad in your head. If the decision is an important one and the stakes are high, you might even feel more anxiety. Finding a way to move at all is a real challenge.

Here’s the tip. Before even thinking of making a decision, your first step is always to get grounded and manage your nervous system. Do this by dropping awareness into your body to look for simple sensations of both agitation and calm. If you have trouble finding peaceful sensations, look in your hands, feet, legs or earlobes. Even if you’re wildly anxious there will always be some calm places in your body.

Once you’ve located sensations of both agitation and peace, allow your awareness to swing back and forth between them for three minutes. Next, focus only on peaceful sensations for another three minutes. If your mind wanders, gently bring focus back again and again to wellbeing. Seek professional help if you can’t settle down.

Finally, once grounded, ask the peaceful sensations for an image, sense, hint of which direction to move. Let your body lead you to answers deep within. Repeat as necessary.

Penelope Young Andrade LCSW
Twitter @EmotionalRx

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