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Undoing Aloneness During the Holidays

Do you know how to undo aloneness during the holidays? For many the glitter and glow of holidays cast a shadow of unfulfilled hopes in family/and love relationships. With media continually displaying cozy scenes, taking stock of your own situation … Continue reading

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The Worst Time for Gratitude

Do you know the worst time to try to feel grateful? Most of us know it’s important to keep an eagle eye out to appreciate the small and large gifts life bestows. However, problems arise when you’re miserable and someone … Continue reading

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Transformational Tip # 146 Making Room for Synchronicity

Do you make room for synchronicity in your life? In the 1920’s psychologist Carl Jung proposed synchronicity was a meaningful connection between seemingly random events. Recent quantum science discoveries suggest he may have been on to something. The problem is … Continue reading

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Do you know what feared word is a prerequisite for keeping love alive?

The Valentines’ deluge is here again – bringing attention to love, romance and the challenge of finding and maintaining fulfilling relationships. Do you know what feared word is a prerequisite for keeping love alive? Vulnerability! The reason most hearts fly … Continue reading

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