Transformational Tip # 146 Making Room for Synchronicity

Do you make room for synchronicity in your life? In the 1920’s psychologist Carl Jung proposed synchronicity was a meaningful connection between seemingly random events. Recent quantum science discoveries suggest he may have been on to something. The problem is that in order for synchronicity to impact your life, you have to notice when it happens! For many with busy lives governed primarily by habit and rationalization, the deeper order of your life may be continually trying to get your attention without success. You won’t see it if you’re not looking.

Here’s the tip. The first step is to see if you’re open to the notion. Ask inside whether
you believe a deeper order of spiritual unfolding could be working within your life — outside of your conscious control. Notice your response. If it feels good, slow down to experience what happens in your heart, your lungs, your limbs. You can relax into the support such unfolding offers. If this doesn’t feel good, you may want to explore issues of control and trust. Or perhaps this notion simply doesn’t work for you. There’s no right answer. You get to choose how to live your life.

In any case, consider slowing down so you don’t miss magical moments. Give yourself
time for quiet, nature and meditation/yoga/Feldenkrais to increase awareness. Stay present for what’s happening here and now. Most importantly, keep moving toward the people, places and things that feel good and right. If you so choose, serendipity abounds!

Penelope Young Andrade LCSW

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