Good Connection with Your Inner Child

Good Connection with Your Inner ChildDo you have a good connection with your inner child? Your inner child is the open, vulnerable part of you that responds with unabashed delight and despair to life. As an adult you can suppress those unguarded responses, but no matter how old you are your inner child is still operating at some unconscious/subconscious level. More importantly, if your inner child isn’t happy, you won’t be happy either. What’s challenging is that you are the first to know what your inner child needs and the only one who can reliably take care of her/him.

Here’s the tip. First, notice how you feel about this notion of having an inner child. If it seems shameful, childish and/or “unevolved” you may need help letting go of your judgments before you can establish any relationship. If/when you’re ready; locate a picture (real or imaginal) of yourself as a child. See how you feel about her/him. You may discover more judgments. No blame. Seek tender support for opening your heart to this precious little one inside. When you do feel love and appreciation for her/him, don’t be surprised if she/he doesn’t. If you haven’t been in contact previously, this may take some time. Look into her/his eyes and let her/him know you are there. Tell her/him you’ll wait as long as it takes to hear how she/he feels, what she/he needs because you want to do your best to take care of her/him. Breathe. Watch your inner child begin to warm and trust you. Slow down. Feel this connection and new alignment. It will change your life. (c) 2015

Penelope Young Andrade, LCSW
From The Life Connection, March 2015

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