Choosing Happiness

Choose Happiness

Can you “choose” to be happy? Setting your intention to be happy goes a long way toward creating the conditions in which happiness can arise. Similar strategies include keeping a gratitude journal and looking for your responsibility in every upsetting interaction. These definitely help. However, complications may arise when you try these and notice deep inside you’re not really happy. You still find yourself turning to food, alcohol, drugs, TV/Computers for comfort and relief.

Here’s the tip. First, consider setting your intention slightly differently. Say to yourself, I choose to take whatever actions are necessary to make happiness arise more easily. Second, see if you’re ready for an honest self-inventory of what else you need to do to set the stage for happiness. If yes, perhaps you’ll need to eat differently, get more exercise, sleep, time with loved ones, or time in nature. You likely already know what you need to do.

Finally, it’s crucial to look inside for painful emotions you’re resisting. Sad, mad, scared emotions don’t disappear just because you decide to ignore them. Suppressed emotion often persists like a low-grade fever robbing you of vitality and happiness. If this feels too scary to do alone or if you are numb, be tender with yourself. Seek professional help to get the support you deserve. Remember, sad, mad, scared feelings are designed to move through your body in minutes leaving you happy, confident, peaceful… and, most importantly, empowered to choose the actions required to insure your happy life.

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