Are you Open to the Power of Synchronicity in your Life?

Are you open to the power of synchronicity in your life…
the possibility that there is a deeper order operating in the universe, in your universe?

I had an experience this past summer that blew my mind and restored my faith in how the unseen hands of destiny (God, Spirit, Self) are trying to get our attention to guide us…to support us.

For the past six years, I’ve been consumed with the responsibility for writing,  publishing and promoting my book. Although I’ve experienced inordinate joy in this process, I‘ve often been trapped in too busy schedules and my habits of trying to control things. Truth be told, I also often felt too small, too alone, too inadequate as I faced the hugeness of my purpose to share my discoveries with my human family.

That has now changed. Something inside my being is now resting in the comfort of knowing I’m not alone and as much as I might like to think I am in charge of everything…I’m really not.  Whew…. And not a moment too soon!

For me, it took leaving the country… shaking up familiar patterns so I could notice the subtle whispers, the quiet invitations coming through my bodymind intuition to move this way or that, toward this or that person, place or thing.

Here’s what happened.  Arturo and I arrived in Fuimicino, Italy on a sunny morning after a long flight from NYC. Even though all we wanted to do was go to sleep (our inner clocks told us it was 2AM), we vowed to stay up until a reasonable bedtime hour to try to get our biorhythms on European time.

We walked and walked and stopped along the way for gelato, and walked some more and stopped for more gelato.  Turning up this street and down that as our whim would have it.

Finally after about 4 hours of this, we could barely put one foot in front of another.  Our necks and backs were aching from the long flight, our feet hurting from the walk….…and did I mention it was blazing hot and humid—95 degrees F.  All we could think was how delicious it would be to get a massage.

By this point we were on a random side street and decided to work our way back to the coastal road.  As we limped along, I noticed a couple walking toward us.  The thought crossed my mind, “I’ll bet these people know where we could get a massage.”  And…I noticed myself having that thought.

I stopped them and asked if they could speak English (they could) and then asked if they knew where we could get a massage?  The man said that yes, there was a woman, Joyce, who lived just 4 doors down the very street we were on who was an excellent massage therapist.  He said to tell her it was urgent (We must have looked quite bedraggled!)

We walked down 4 doors, rang the bell, and long story short, not only was Joyce there, but she just happened to have time just then to give each of us a 30 minute massage!  This experience massaged more than my muscles…it rearranged the molecules of my being.  I felt so supported, so held, so known…to be met in this unplanned way by the universe.

Ever since then I’ve wondered, what happens when I’m in a typical rush, on a typical street, on a typical day.  Do I notice something pulling me in a new direction?  Do I notice needs, thoughts and impulses trying to guide me in ways beyond habitual responses?   How many magical moments of support from the universe have I missed, have we all missed because we weren’t look-
ing, listening and letting go?

As we move into this fall season of fresh purpose, my intention for myself and my invitation to you is to keep slowing and quieting enough inside to notice the ongoing opportunity, support and pleasure life provides. Synchronicity abounds!

~ Penelope

From Newsletter Archive:  05 September 2012

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