Would you like to be more compassionate?


be more compassion

You, like many, may be troubled by judgmentalness. Too often you find your mind overrun by a litany of criticism…of yourself and others. You’d like to let go of this, but you don’t know how.  Fortunately, the latest neuroscience research gives us some tantalizing clues. People who are in better touch moment by moment with what they are sensing and feeling in their bodies’, particularly their hearts, turn out to be more compassionate.

Here’s the tip. See if you’re ready to get out of your head. If not, no blame. It’s a big step to include your body’s experience in your awareness, especially if you’ve suffered emotional or physical trauma. Get support if necessary. If yes, shift the focus of your awareness from thoughts to sensations. Slow down and tune in to your heartbeat. Take your pulse to find the rhythm of life throbbing within. Observe if the beat is fast or slow. Resist any impulse to evaluate or worry. Just be here now…you with your heart…breathing. Next, place your hand on your heart to feel its warmth. Now is the time to be as self-centered as possible.

Finally, notice what it’s like to have this heart, your heart, tirelessly caring for you…doing it’s best for you…always.  Spend some time each day being there for yourself in this way. Watch as slowly and surely it becomes easier and easier to be there, you and your compassionate, unconditional heart, for yourself and others.

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