Do You Know How to Handle Emotional Collapse?

Rumi-550x367Do you know how to handle emotional collapse? Although emotions have a very brief trajectory through our bodies; emotional collapse is a kind of fear response that can be devastating. You have no energy in floppy limbs, loose bowels, no ability to stand or move, no emotions! You may even feel like you don’t exist. Collapsing occurs when you fear for your life literally or figuratively. It feels horrible.

The good news is like any emotional experience, when you let the body lead, it is temporary. The challenge is not only is it difficult to stay present during collapse, collapse is often hard to find since it masquerades as ennui, depression, or cravings for escape into food, alcohol, drugs, sex. If you suspect such collapse lurks in your neurobiology but you can’t feel it, you may need professional help.

Here’s the tip. If/when you are in the midst of a collapse and feeling it, reach out to someone. Find kind eyes. Looking at a loving face begins restoring self and safety (Skype or FaceTime will do). If no one’s available, have a cup of tea, take a hot bath or shower. Hold yourself. Stay out of your thoughts. Be present for the sensations of limp, emptiness and watch them slowly dissipate.

Wait patiently as your life force awakens. Welcome each returning pulsation. In all cases be gentle, you’re coming back from the brink of death. Say to yourself, I am okay. I survived. I am back! And you are, stronger and more grounded than ever. ©

Penelope Young Andrade LCSW
Twitter @EmotionalRx

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